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Veronika Fimbres

I am campaigning to be elected
Governor of California in 2018
But first I have to win the GPCA nomination
to run for governor during the
June 5, 2018, Primary Election


I want all voices to be heard! Am I the perfect candidate? I don’t think that there is such a thing, But I do think that a clear headed and common sense person, who has been where you have been, stands as good a chance as anyone else! This is why I want to be your choice for Governor of California, a State that is run once again “of the people, by the people, and for the people!”

I sincerely thank you for letting me introduce myself, and hope to garner your support during this campaign, at the ballot box in the California June 5 Primary and — if I win and go forward as the Green candidate from the primary — in the General Election in November. I also hope to have you help me spread the word about Green and other progressives issues and candidates and help other Green candidates and their supporters in California do the same.

If interested in helping my campaign, please volunteer using our Sign-Up HERE form which you can also find under the About menu of this web site. And use our Donate button located there as well to donate to our campaign whenever you can.

Thanks again for your interest and support. VF

I am Veronika Fimbres. I want to be your #1 WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for Governor of California. WHY? I have been a Green Party member for the last 15 years who could not afford the $4,000 filing fee to be put on the June 5, 2018, Primary ballot.

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