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This is a site for private discussions about Green Party building, Green Party functionality and dysfunction, and for similar candid but constructive criticisms of our past and present candidates for public office.

What if between now and Nov. 3 we progressives “buried” social media groups with progressive policies and issues and we did so every day 18-24 hours day?

TO REPEAT: What if we Greens and all other Progressives and all the Berners and Berniecrats PEPPER FB and the other social media groups from now through Nov. 3 with a ‘blizzard’ or ‘hail storm’ of (1) Bernie’s dem-socialist policies and (2) with Green Party candidate Howie Hawkin’s and 1-2 of the “not-picked’ other most articulate Green Party US candidates for president “more socialist” policies?  (3) What if all other progressive party candidates did the same?

What if all these progressive candidates and all of us ‘other progressives’ also reminded all these social media group members of the more democratic progressive procedural fundamentals too?  (1) The Ranked Choice Voting option, enacted in a few states or counties in the last 6+ years.  (2) The need to have proportional representation of elected candidates from all parties, not just the Dem and GOP candidates, with ‘seats’ and votes in local, state and federal legislative bodies.   And we say: (3) that we have needed these changes since Many Yesterdays ago to have better government?

One More Time: What if WE ALL DO THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY 18-24 hours per day and for the next 80 more days to and through Nov. 3? There were 80 more days as of Aug. 15, 2020, when I setup this message for all of you to see on this USGreens-wp site.


Blue Sky Wilder Idea: Then what if I JGW the site create and administrator of this web site accepted from each of you who register for an account on this web site and approved most of them?  Then what if you new site users’ each made suggestions to other progressive voters in each of your county’s of residence or in your state or in other states and most of them would agree to do the same “peppering” and “blizzard” and “hail storm” making work?   For certain: A much bigger “pile of pepper”, “blizzard” and/or “hail storm” and for many days to come.

So please register for an account on this site and get more of your progressive friends to register for an account on this site as well.

If you “don’t like this site” for some reason, get all the other sites you do like to do this “peppering” work.

Once I get email feedback in the form of (1) your requests for an account on this site, I approve your account, and you invite more of your progressives to get an account as well, I, JGW the site administrator and developer can setup”email blasting” services that every few days reminds All of You to post progressive issues and policies reminders on all the social media groups in which you all are a member.