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Hello USA Progressives!

Hello USA Progressives
and others world-wide.

Welcome to what started as Dr. Kent Mesplay’s planning site for a nation-wide then multi-country, then world-wide Native Peoples Protection site.  Here we who have site accounts can discuss what that protection site should look like, work like, what issues are involved, what indigenous people’s tribes and communities are to be involved.  Concurrently I, JGW this site’s first administrator and developer, “mock-up” that separate Native Peoples Protection (NPP) site from ‘simple’ to a gradually ‘better and better’ site and keep refining it — given periodice NPP test user feedback — to conform to this site’s members evolving requirements for the future beta, then release-candidate, then live NPP site.

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Invited participants discuss what such an NPP site should look like, and work like; what services should be offered…