Green Party Test Sites

Sites For the 2016 2020 Election Season:

  • gpca-wp – beta-1
    a state-wide site + a site for each of the 58 California counties.
    : have something working very well in beta or release-candidate state before CA’s 2020 Primary, “Super Tuesday” in March.
    LW: October 2019.  Adopter(s) please RSVP
     CONCEPT: a WP multisite originally was for California Green Party candidates. As of 2019 Q3 it was for the California Progressive Alliance (CPA), which emerged after the failed GP state-wide elections of 2016, and for the CPA’s 2020 candidates for office. They would be from 1+ progressive CA parties.   In 2019 Q4 gpca-wp will be for ONE state-wide Green Party candidate, preferably the “governor” candidate, and optionally for other state, county and local office seeking candidates the “governor” candidate supports.
    Concept: This WP multisite has a state-wide “campaign(s) information + progress summaries” site and a separate but integrated site for each of the 58 counties in California. See also below the gpca-j3x “party and/or campaign projects management” site and the gpca-d7 site, the latter intended to be a Drupal 7 multisite.
    Status: this is was the best of the 4 “gpca-” proof-of-concept state+counties multisites so far, the 2016 alpha version of them which are listed just below, and each of which will be (or could be) the prototype for other state+county sites.
    BIG PROBLEM: Groups and Forums are (1) too many and (2) NOT setup correctly.  The user gets a “not found” page for all groups as of 19.10.31 which is a non fatal error.
    LW history of “one-state-wide candidate” version of gpca-wp (w/ optional other state+county+local candidates) : 19.04-05, 18.01-24-28+, previous LW: 17.01.19
  • gpus-wp – beta-1
    US + 50 state TEST sites.
    Concept: Same as for gpca-wp above, but with more “back-office” features that allow private site members’ intra- and inter-group communications, logging of live and asynchronous discussions in forums as well as via their personally created WP blog posts and article page content. However there was no ‘WP project managment plugin’ then (early 2015) or to-date, June, 2019;  ‘only’ then and now a possibly good to very good WP ‘workflow’ plugin which  installed then. Without setting up test data to prove this assumption, it seems good enough for town, city, county and state party and/or candidate group memers to use to well-manage their site content development and revision projects. I would prefer a good to great ‘project management’ plugin be used instead, like the ProjectFork extension for such purposes I installed on many of my Joomla! sites.
    Status: Site working, in a simple way. But not in active development as of 18.01.28.  Some slight new work done as of 19.05. (May 2019).
    JGW-ToDos June 13, 2019:   URGENT: REFIX the site’s home page to be the Site Map page (NOTE: if the site’s logged-in user or visitor goes there themeselves, click About->SIte Map on the home page Main Menu).  Less Urgent: Also fill the simplest explanatory content page-by-page for not just the national site but also for each state site, and as needed to keep working and useful to the site visitor each of the existing and planned 7 main menu items per site; their titles: {About, Blogs, Events, Forums, Groups (with site members), Issues, Polls}.
    LW 2018
  • gpca-d7 – beta
    NA  Adopters of the previous “intended version” summarized just-below please RSVP
    CA: California state.  Originally this was to be a proof of concept site which I created in 2014 intended to be an exact copy of then 1-2 years old LIVE D7 site, but without all the site content on this copy site. However the 2014 LIVE CAGreens site had no web pages for any of the CA counties, or single web pages for each county, or — in my ideal judgement — Drupal 7 “multisites”, one each for each of the 58 California counties.  Therefore on the original 2014 gpca-d7 partly working D7 multisite, I hoped in the site development process I would learn how to “do Drupal multisites” and in that process  also learn (a) how to do it myself for others but, as an experienced technical materials educator, also learn (b) how to be able to teach others to do it as well.
    Of course each additional site was to be for each of the 58 California counties.   It turned out in 2014-2016 Drupal’s documentation online about how to do multisite building was “too poorly written” and too hard to decypher, requiring too much of my time and extra mental effort to make even a 2nd site on the would-be drupal multisite, e.g. just for Alameda County, and make it work with the state-wide site.  So I stopped trying to do multisites with Drupal and began exploring if and how to do multisites with Joomla and WordPress.  WordPress won.
    For the record at this summary re-writing about test-site in June 2019, I note that the last two GPCA ITWGs have resorted to providing “just” a single web page on the LIVE site, one such web page for each county.  That seems “good enough”.  However for the benefit of future GPCA site developers in a future ITWG, I hope both ITWGs, the previous and present ones, kept good ‘work logs’ and notes of their decision making, including if any technically “smarter” and/or more ambitious members tried to build a Drupal multisite and succeeded, failed, or had some small success, why technically they made their decisions and decided to take this simpler route to providing county information on the LIVE Drupal 7 site, and if and when — if ever — they thingk their ITWG or a future ITWG should try to make a working Drupal 7 (or D8) multisite again, at first as a working test site of course.
  • gpca-j3x – beta-1
    LW 19.04 & 10.05  Adopters please RSVP
  • gpsf-wpalpha-4
    A WP mulitisite consisting of an SF cit-wide site and a site each for all 11 gpsf-nn SF supervisor district sites.
    Status: set up 50% ok as of 15.08.25-26
    City & County of SF multisite for the Green Party of San Francisco where “nn” is a number from 01 to 11 for a site for each of the 11 SF Supervisor Districts from which the SF Board of Supervisors are elected. 
    LW on this page was 16.05.15
  • acnty-wp – beta
    a proof-of-concept WP multisite if only for myself to  allow me to test-build more quickly a state+their-counties” WP multisite.  “More quickly” also mean more easily where “quickly” means “in a day, then in 1/2 a day…  “acnty” stands for “a county” which is a generic name implying “any county name”.  This multisite is really “just” two sites: a very generic state site and one and only one generic county site for that generic state.  When I or another web site builder know “more” about the needs of a particular state’s progressive party and/or 0 or more candidates for office, I or the other builder (1) revise what is “generic” for that state on the state site, (2) revise what is “generic” for the one county site, (3) “backup the multisite with especially versatile Akeeba Backup plugin, then (4) on the target web host for the new state site I or the other site builder (4.a) “restores” the backed-up multisite “half-way”. At that “half-way point” I or the other site builder lets “Akeeba substitue real-world party or candidate names for the generic site names and finished the two-stie restoration with real state and one county name.  The I or the other builder (5) creates one-by-one the other county sites. With each new county site creation “we” edit the county name wherever in use in that new county site.  100 counties in the state?  99 new site creations with manual edits of the next county’s name in the just-created next county site. About 3/4 to 1 day’s work.
    Not an ideal “solution”, but “good enough” to get a working “state + all their counties sites” WP multisite ready for the state’s party and/or candidates to use to do real work.  CAVEAT: Their new multisite’s web master or maestra and content supervisor-manager(s) may need to make a few refinements to one or more sites in the “working” multisite before the party’s or the candidates’ organization’s staff are more or most comfortable with the result.  But ideally if the multisite is “stable” to begin with, their site(s) refinement work can be done “on the sites in the multisite” while the staff persons, aka the end-users, are doing their work.
    Below note the site-names if not also what was at-one-time four partially functioning but half-way-built “state+their counties” multisites with user interfaces and some generic content I had created “the harder way” in 2015 without the use of this proof-of-concept “acnty” two-site multisite.
  • gpme-wp/en_US – alpha-3
    a state-wide site + a site for each of the 16 Maine counties.
    ME’s 2016 Primary was month-name + day.

    ME: Maine state multisite with a separate but integrated site for each of the 16 counties in Maine. Status: good, this is an edited clone of GPCA-wp, working in “very basic ways” well-enough, with all Maine county sites setup as stub sites.  JGW-Actions:  Supply basic informative content for state-wide and per-county basic pages.
    Concept: Create a “State + all the counties in a US state” WP Multisite for all 50 US states and the 4-6 US territories.  Reality: very very tedious to do one-by-one, but POSSIBLE to do if with lots more human errors
    REVISED APPROACH since 2015:  Make this and similar “state+their-counties” sites a WP multisite in which the first/only original site is a ‘generic’ US state master site the create only one ‘generic’ county site with same or similar ‘generic’ site menus and site content.  Use this “template for multisites” site as the source clone site to create the other state+their-couties multisites.
  • gpny-wp – alpha-3
    Concept (2015): a state-wide site + a site for each of the 62 New York counties.

    NY’s 2016 Primary was mm-dd-16.
    NY’s 2020 Primary will be mm-dd-20.
    NY: New York state multisite with a separate but integrated site for each of the 62 counties in NY state.
    Status: good, this (was in 2015 and still is) an edited clone of GPCA-wp with all New York county sites setup as stub sites.  LW17.01.19
  • gpor-wp – alpha-3
    a state-wide site + a site for each of the 36 Oregon counties.
    OR’s 2016 Primary was May nn.
    OR’s 2016 Primary will be on mm-dd-yy.

    OR: Oregon state multisite with a separate but integrated site for each of the 36 counties in Oregon.  Status: good, this was and still is an edited clone of the 2015 version of GPCA-wp with all 36 Oregon county sites setup as stub sites.
  • gpia-wp – not-started as of 15.08.25
    IA: Iowa state multisite with a separate but integrated site for each Iowa county.  If there had been GPUS interest, the site was to be ready for use before the IOWA Primary / Caucuses in early January 2016.
  • gpnh-wp – not-started as of 15.08.25
    NH: New Hampshire state multisite with a separate but integrated site for each NH county.  If there had been GPUS interest, the site was to be ready before the New Hampshire Primary / Caucuses in late January 2016.

A portal (window) to experimental test sites and active live sites in-development for clients for which has some responsbility.