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Progressive Political Demo+Test Sites In-Development
See the test-site status keys page for the explanation of color codes and letter abbreviations used in this and similar “test” web pages

Proposed Test Sites, For Green Parties:  USA; CA, ME, NY, OR, … Proposed Test Sites FOR Green Party USA Candidates for President 2020 Proposed Test Sites for Progressive Campaigns 2016, 2020
  • gpus-wp
    a WP multisite w/ US + 50 state sites, not all sites setup ok.
    LW 20.06.05

  •  gpca-wp
    a WP multisite w/ Calif-state + its 58 county sites.
    LW 20.02.dd
  • gpca_mediwiki beta a backup/devel site NA * NOP *
  • gpca-d7 beta-1 proof of concept Groups w/ OG, SSO & multi-sites.
  • gpca-d7a1 beta-1 proof of concept of Open Groups D7.22 = 13.12.04 site. NA
  • gpca-d7a2 beta-1 proof of concept of expanded Groups w/ OG, SSO, multi-sites D7.41+ WIP 16.01.04
    improving  on the 13.12.04 site.
  • gpca-j3x beta-1 1st proof of concept of multisites on J3x
  • gpca-wp beta-1 CA+58 county sites. NA,
  • gpme-wp alpha-5 ME+16 county sites. Was to be for the Maine GP and its primary candidates to use in 2016. Not upgraded yet for 2020.
  • gpny-wp
    NY+62 county sites. IBID gpme-wp remarks.
  • gpor-wp alpha-5 OR+36 county sites. IBID my gpme-wp remarks.
  • gpsf-wp  City+County multisite of SF+11 Supervisor Districts.
 USGreens for ‘exiled’ GP candidates

  •  USGreens-wp
    a WP single site for 2-6 no longer official GP US presidential candidates.
    LW 20.04.30
  • USGreens-j3x
    a proof of concept site w/ project mgmt. also to be a multiple sites ctlr site via SSO  to related J3 & WP4 sites.
    LW 20.04.15
  • Dr. Kent Mesplay, scientist
    • kent2020-j3x stub NA, RSVP
    • kent2020-wp US+50 state sites
      LW 20.mm.dd
  • Sedinam K. C. M.
    Curry, S. Central LA,
    BLM Activist, BA Ethnic Studies

    • sedinam2020-j3x
      NA, RSVP
    • sedinam2020-wp
      US+50 state sites
      LW 20.mm.dd

Tulsi2020 Campaign

  • tulsi2020-wp  US+50 states[+6 territories] sites
  • tulsi2020-j3x stub
    A potential internal campaign projects management site.
  • tulsi2020-d7 stub
    A potential Drupal 7 multisite (US + states + territories)


A Set of two Sites for each GP Candidate for Pres.  listed below will be cloned + edited for the candidate from the two Jill2016 sites above when any of these candidates commit to run: 

Dr. Kent Mesplay, Scientist

  • kent2016-j3x
    NA, RSVP
  • kent2016-wp US+50 state sites NA, RSVP

Sedinam K. C. M. Curry, S. Central LA, BLM Activist, BA Ethnic Studies

  • Sedinam2016-j3x stub NA, RSVP
  • Sedinam2016-wp US+50 state sites
    LA 16.05.15
  • Sedinam2016-wp
    US+50 state sites
    LA 16.05.05

Daryl Cherney, Earth First Activist

  • Daryl2016-j3x stub NA
  • Daryl2016-wp US+50 state sites NA

Dr. William P. Kreml, Political Scientist

  • Bill2016-j3x stub NARSVP
  • Bill2016-wp US+50 state sites NARSVP

Bernie2020 Campaign

  • BS4Pres-wp
    a working beta site w/ GOTV in case progressives need extra motivation to write-in his name or Bernie will return as an active candidate, ibid (motivation) and his web site people messed up his NGP-Van voter information database.
    LW 20.04.25
  • Bernie2020-J3x alpha-1
    a proof of concept site w/ project mgmt also to be a multiple sites ctlr site via SSO  to J3 & WP5 sites.
    LA 16.06.13
  • Bernie2020-WP
    US+50 state sites

Generic Progressives Site(s)

  • gpus-wp
    exists for now as a non-working example for the 7 GPUS 2020 pres. candidates to use to campaign and canvas in all 50 states.
    US+50 state sites.
    LW 19.10.29


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A portal (window) to experimental test sites and active live sites in-development for clients for which jgw-sanfrancisco.org has some responsbility.