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Non-profit Distance Learning Sites,
Inter-Faith Religious Humanitarian Sites
& Progressive Political Informational Sites
by JGW: Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward

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WebLearningTools Research

R&D of free & very low cost distance Learning

Radha Krishna Seva

good works, small-to-large by Inter-faith respecting vegetarians & Vegans

Green Ideas Sites

Helping to make smarter & more effective Green s

(what I would still be doing 3/4 time if there had been no 2008 Financial Collapse and no Trump as President in 2016)

  • wltres-j3x
    the 2016-to-present-day live site. Extant since before 2010.

WL Productions

  • wlprod-j3x
    beta1 – empty.
    for collaborative curricula, lesson(s), class(es) prototype(s) development and test using.

WL Tools Productions

  • wltp-j3x
    beta1 – empty.
    for WebLearning CMSes “add-on” code tools development R&D.
(what my heart would like to be doing 1/8-1/2-time if US and world politics were not so much worse since 2008.)

  • rkseva-j3x
    the currently recreated, most up-to-date Joomla site, but not yet populated with old or new content, soon to be the next LIVE rkseva site.
(what in 2010 I started doing 1/2-3/4 time to provide ‘political education’ at first just for California Greens.)

  • cagi-j3x
    the  California ideas + discussions site Iupgraded to the lastest version of Joomla as of Janurary 2020, soon to be have its now more important searchable “news history” as web links soon to be made up-to-date for selected MSM + progressive news from 2012 through 2020. This is be a live site for GPCA members’ use to add their ideas, news articles they find online, articles they write and opinions they make, etc.


  • usgi-j3x
    “just” an html information page for now. Formally the 2016 live site, soon to be the much upgarded 2020 site for the USA and all 50 states for progressives and formost for  GPUS members in all 50 states and 6+ US territories. When upgraded, they can  add their ideas, news articles they find online, articles they write and opinions they make, etc.

A portal (window) to experimental test sites and active live sites in-development for clients for which jgw-sanfrancisco.org has some responsbility.