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The Live Sites listed here are of interest to me, JGW, as sites I am already working on, or as reference models, or they are potential candidate sites to be “cloned” as Test Sites in Joomla!, WordPress, and/or Drupal.

See the test-site status keys page for the explanation of color codes and letter abbreviations used in other web pages.

See a key to some abbreviations used just on this page at the bottom of this page.

The following (few) Live Sites are in active development by their site owners & IT personnel & by their respective current LIVE site content providers :

LIVE United Coalition:
USP, IP, APS Active Sites
Some LIVE Green Party Sites in the USA
These are the legacy HTML4+SSI active sites in use and evolved in look, navigation and content since their creation in the late 1990s. Use them for reference to any test sites, clones of them as working sub-domains, on  See those links on the Test Sites page.

These are LIVE sites which are candidates for, or may already have experimental test sites, clones of them as working sub-domains, on See those links on the Test Sites page.

Key to some abbreviations used in the table above:

  • USP: the unofficial US (or USA) Parliament of “United Coalitions” and coalition builders nation-wide.
  • IP: the unofficial International-Parliament of “United Coalitions” and coalition builders world-wide.
  • APS: the All Party System, an organization and 1+ stores with the same name.
  • GPUS: Green Party US (or USA)
  • GPCA: Green party of California
  • W.I.P: a Work In Progress.
  • HTML4: The standard way to create web pages since the debut of the web in 1991.  Also a part of what is now called the Web 1.x standard for web site creation and web site content display.
  • SSI: Server Side Includes, a way for Web 1.x web sites to create standardized web page special content used on many web pages such as a page header, footer, left and right side-bar content. And SSI html file becomes included automatically in web pages with information-content without the page author having to manually retype and re-html-tag that “meta page content” on every new web page added to a web site.  SSI’s also have allowed web site content contributors a relatively easier way to make all web pages look like they belonged to a unique web site. In short: Change the SSI’s, and a site designer changes the look and feel (navigation options) for the entire web site and most or all the web pages on it.
  • SU&M: Set-up and Maintainence by JGW

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A portal (window) to experimental test sites and active live sites in-development for clients for which has some responsbility.