My Previous A-Political Motivations

My Previous A-Political Motivations: I was inspired in my first full-time programming job in 1966 by a primitive “teaching program” running on a million dollar IBM 360 computer. I quickly realized computers would get faster, smaller, cheaper and more powerful. Therefore “teaching with a computer” would become more affordable and accessible.  I then vowed to devote any future academic and professional efforts to learn how to contribute to what was later called “distance learning.”  In the 1980s microcomputers and software for them were all the rage and “networking” these and larger computer was increasingly inexpensive to do.  Computer Science was now a major undergradate and graduate field of study in more and more colleges and universities.

I went back to college as planned choosing nearby SFSU.  Hopeing to just get a bachelors and the MS in computer science, instead seeing the “larger picture” and needs for a distance learning expert, I did the course work for and received three bachelor degrees: BS / Computer Science, BS / Applied Math, BA / Psychology and earned a Masters in Instructional Technology.  There were and still are no Ph.D. programs in distance learning; certainly none that combine the pedagogy, the cognitve science and the broad and deep computer science including artificial intelligence that I foresaw in the early 1980s would become essential aspects of “Smarter AI-assited Distance Learning.”

My goals since then have been to contribute to the production and deployment of free distance learning materials.  But also I would to resume my graduate studies while engaging in the R&D of Artificially Intelligent Distance Learning as well.Some Recent US History that “Forced Me” to Get Political: In the last 20 years  I have been a part-time web site designer and site content developer… as self taught skills development.  I also engaged full-time, for brief periods, in online training materials development.  But all this strongly preferred focus and effort to become expert in distance learning shifted dramatically with the advent of the Financial Crisis of 2008, which crisis I saw as “manufacturered,” a set-up by the far-right in the USA, and as an attempt to achieve economic world domination by the super-rich and financially weaken the US government; an act of economic by the super-rich US citizens against the USA.  The latter circumstances have subsequently proven to be the case, but in worse ways than I had imagined then.

This manufactured national and global economic crisis started in Fall 2008, still not 100% over as of 2018, aroused my progressive political interests and concerns greatly and motivated my return to being a Green Party activist in 2010.  After a March 2010 GPCA General Assembly meeting, I decided to concentrate my computer efforts on building and show-casing better, more state-of-the-art web sites with better web site services and example content, doing so firstly for the “web site education” of the California Green Party and then of other Green parties across the USA.

This site reflects and lists many of the progressive political web sites I have developed. The “Test Sites” listed on this site also indicate each site’s current state of development.

My greatest disappointment in these efforts in the last 7-8 years has been that all the Greens with whom I have associated have had no appreciation for what I was building and “modeling” as “better web sites” for their adoption and use to advance and achieve the goals of our Green Parties.  Either that or they misinterpretated my intentions as an attempt to co-opt all web site building forall US Green Parties; they gave me no feedback about their perceptions.

Nevertheless I continue to strive to provide a number of prototype sites (still presented here in alpha and beta states) that possibly can be useful to Green Party progressive “web site shoppers.”  In the best case examples, i.e. the beta and LIVE sites shown here, and given I can improve my communications with other Greens about the usefulness and greater affordability of these sites, I hope the sites and my better explanations of them will inspire the “less expert” or less technically proficient prospective Green Party web site shoppers to consider and learn from their experiences exploring this site and become better web site shoppers even if they are not yet ready to adopt one of these FREE model political web sites for their organization.

JGW, January 2015 and January 2018

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