JGW Live Sites

Non-profit Distance Learning Sites,
Inter-Faith Religious Humanitarian Sites
& Progressive Political Informational Sites
by JGW: Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward

See the test-site status keys page for the explanation
of color codes and letter abbreviations used in this web page

WebLearningTools Research

R&D of free & very low cost distance Learning

Radha Krishna Seva

good works, small-to-large by Inter-faith respecting vegetarians & Vegans

Green Ideas Sites

Helping to make smarter & more effective Green s

(what I would still be doing 3/4 time if there had been no 2008 Financial Collapse and no Trump as President in 2016)

  • wltres-j3x
    the 2016-to-present-day live site. Extant since before 2010.

WL Productions

  • wlprod-j3x
    beta1 – empty.
    for collaborative curricula, lesson(s), class(es) prototype(s) development and test using.

WL Tools Productions

  • wltp-j3x
    beta1 – empty.
    for WebLearning CMSes “add-on” code tools development R&D.

WL Classes

  • wlclss-j3x
    beta1 – empty.
    This site is for the advanced real world testing before client adoption and deployment of a prototype as the LIVE classes, etc. that they requested, The well-working high-beta or release candidate prototyped lesson(s), class(es) and/or well developed curricula available here are for the client’s faculty and students to finish test-using them and revising them according to their test results.
(what my heart would like to be doing 1/8-1/2-time if US and world politics were not so much worse since 2008.)

  • rkseva-j3x
    the currently B-R-O-K-E-N  site in problematic re-development, but soon to be the next LIVE rkseva site.
(what in 2010 I started doing 1/2-3/4 time to provide ‘political education’ at first just for California Greens.)

  • cagi-j3x
    the 90% Joomla-upgraded 2016 live site for GPCA members’ ideas, etc.


  • usgi-j3x
    the 2016 live site for the USA and all 50 states for GPUS members’ ideas + GP-per-state ideas, etc. In re-development for the 3rd time  with little real content of interest to anyone yet   Much of that content — not related to the GPCA — is still on the cagi-j3x site. However since early 2019 the site redirects the visitor to the above cagi-j3x site.