Key to Site Status Tags

Site Status Key: the site status prefix usually is either alpha or beta, two industry standard labels to indicate major site in-development status. RC or rc may appear as well.  I use pre-beta in a few cases.

The prefix is followed by -1, -2, -3… -n which are version numbers.  The suffix version numbers are used below to mean the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. day (or week) I, JGW, have worked on this site.

More generally:

  • The alpha prefix tag = ugly site, confusing to normals and not ready for real people (normals) to use.
  • The beta prefix tag = ready for computer and web site competent people to test-use the site.
  • rc-1, rc-2, etc. = release candidate site, tested, probably needing 1-2 minor cosmetic improvements to the site, and almost ready to be the live site.

Key to Color codes and additional Letter Abbreviations used in some tables of test sites:

  • Site names shown in a plain-green or dark-green color exist as sub-domains of this site.  When shown on any web pages on this site, they are links to those active sub-domain sites. Those target web sites are therefore works-in-progress, in-development, or for LIVE sites, working site with real end-users using them and submitting more content to them.  Click on the name to go to the site.  Site names in dark-green are receiving more active attention and development.
  • Site names shown in black do not yet exist but are planned.
  • or, this site, hosted on, a web hosting provider.
  • stub” means no-content as in: there is no meaningful content for the prospective site-owner or campaign. There may be place-holder home-pages and user groups, however.
  • BH or =, an above average web site hosting provider.
  • BLM: Black Lives Matter
  • CD: Content Development or content developer.
  • CMS: a Content Management System, such as provided by WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS developers.
  • GP: Green Party as in GPUS: Green Party of the USA.
    State party sites:  GPCA: Green Party of California; GPME: Green Party of Maine; GPNY: Green Party of New York; GPOR: Green Party of Oregon.
    If you are looking at a sevawebsites web page containing one of these abbreviations, for more information about the corresponding live or test site, click the URL (link), go to the site and read it’s About (or Home) Page.
  • GoGVO: “global virtual opportunities”, or, a low-cost web site hosting provider.
    $8/mo. for business or organization(s) sites on a server shared by many other business and organization sites.  Unlimited databases; unlimited sub-domains; add-on domains allowed.
    $25/mo. for a dedicated server used just by your business or organization. Unlimited databases; unlimited domains, add-on domains, sub-domains; unlimited file system space.
  • J35: Joomla! version 3.5x; was J3.4.8 as of Dec. 2015, J3.5.2 as of May. 2016.
    • LA: Last Action on this site followed by the date of last actions in YY.MM.DD format, e.g. LA 16.05.15.  OR…
    • LW: “last work” on this site followed by a date in format,
      e.g. LW15.11.29
  • NSP: the Network of Spiritual Progressives, an inter-faith and moral-atheist welcoming international group of progressives, most of them vegetarians, all of them non-violent activists.
  • NA: a site “Not in Active development”, or a site “not in very active development.”
  • RSVP: Respondé s’il vous plait, or respond soon if you please, you who are a would be site owner/user. Respond by sending an EMail to Jennifer Woodward, to confirm you (the likely site owner for whom I built this site) want me and 1+ of “your people”  to develop this site further so “your people” can begin test-using it or using it “live” in day-to-day operations.
  • UTD: Up to date; plugins, themes, most-minor versions of WP are up to date. E.g. UTD 16.05.29
  • WP: WordPress

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