About SevaWebSites.org:
This site is sort of a table of contents showing some, but not all, my LIVE Sites and some of the works-in-progress (w.i.p.) sites I continue to develop.  Those w.i.p. sites I want to make public, admittedly to attract inquires that may lead to their adoption as-is or as clones or “ports” by 1+ progressive political parties, are in the Test Sites section.

My Background Summarized:
For over four decades I, JGW: Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward, have been a self-taught computer systems designer, developer, solo and lead unit and integrated systems tester, and systems documentation provider. In the last 10 years I also have also been a self-taught web sites designer and content developer.

See my résumés, one for each major work area such as computers, audio-visual, instructional design and instruction development, the one summarizing my 4 major skill-set categories.  These you will find at JGW-SanFrancisco.org

Consider making a request there that I mock-up or develop a test site for you.  Providing progressive political web sites, for the US Green Party, US state GPs, and for Bernie Sanders and the progressives he and “his people” support, are my foremost concerns.  But I hope to clone or port these sites to other progressive groups and even to progressives in other countries eventually.

WordPress prototypes — many listed in the Test Sites area of this site — are in alpha and beta states.  The beta sites can be quickly cloned and ported for your needs. The few Joomla sites listed are for project management and they are fast to build and configure for your organization’s needs. Drupal sites take more time.


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