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This is the SevaWebSites.org Information a.k.a. Portal site,
The site is a kind of “seva” domain Table of Contents
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To see what sites are listed here, click either the Live Sites or the Test Sites links on this page or the similarly-named menu-buttons in the upper-right horizontal-menu below the header-area of this page.

This page is the site’s “front-end” home page which shows you lists of some of the live and test sites I work on. Some of them are multilingual and “networked” multiple sites, i.e. many sites within one site and their respective site data in one database.

Free Sites for Progressives: If you are a vegetarian or vegan spiritual progressive, and especially if you are a registered Green Party member in the USA, if you want to develop a political or educational site, or if you need help in doing so, and a free web-hosting place on the Internet to get started doing that, leave me a comment to this post or send me, Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward, an email clearly stating your request.  Include your contact information and a summary of your technical knowledge and skills.  Then we’ll talk more later about what I can do for you.

A portal (window) to experimental test sites and active live sites in-development for clients for which jgw-sanfrancisco.org has some responsbility.