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    • GPUS Candidates for President in 2016

      GPUS Candidates for President in 2016

      • Darryl Cherney, Pagan
      • Bill Kremel, Prof. Emeritus, Political Science...
      • Jill Stein, MD retired, former GP candidate for Gov. of Massachusetts, former GPUS 2012 Candidate for President.
      • Kent Mesplay, Scientist
      • Sedinam KCM Curry, Project Manager & Planner...
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    • Site Administrators and Developers
      Technical and logistical Q&A and related discussions of site administrators and administration wannabes, trainees, as well as  the same for site content developers and trainees. Some of the better results, answers, of these discussions may become a FAQs page and/or the material for a Help Desk service.  They may also become the substance of "best practices" documents created during or after a campaign.
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…a site for Bernie 2020 volunteers and staff only, who wish to to work online, with emails and with phone calls to recruit more volunteers, donors and voters for Bernie.

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