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US Territory Sites

The Bernie2020 Presidential Campaign
Supplementary GOTV
National Private Planning
Information & Discussions

The Bernie2020 Presidential Campaign’s
50 US state sites listed below are mostly for private campaign staff and volunteer GOTV Planning & discussions.
FYI each state site is to be developed by in-state SITE USERS
who are Dem or progressive Party Members who support Bernie.
They also are permanent residents and legal voters in their states
who also have a state SITE ACCOUNTS on this multisite and log in to them.

16 US Territory Sites
Territories 1-5 Territories 6-10 Territories 11-16
  • xxx.
  • xxx.
  • xxx.

Key to state and territory name suffix markings:

  • * = (asterix) means there are 1+ icky alpha- or beta- level technical problems with this site.

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Bernie conceded the Dem Party nomination to Biden, now supports him, but is still 'passively' campaigning for it. This WP multisite helps us help 'Bernie' actively still win more delegates in the remaining 2020 state primaries so he has more ability in the August Dem convention to make its platform more progressive. If after getting the nomination Biden proves to be unable to defeat Trump WE BERNERS using this site GOTV to write-in Bernie on our mail-in ballots in the General Election.